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Is fun, affordable, putting it up is like making a lego project.

  • General information

    Z60-ACR is an acrylic stacked layer with gasket mounting mechanism board. It comes with an arm-rest included in the base kit and all 3 layouts top layers, Normal, HHKB and WKL. So it's an ideal board for beginers.

  • Features and specs


    • Centered USB-C socket
    • Gasket mount
    • Front hight of 20mm
    • Arm-rest of 3 acrylic layers and 3 foot of it's own
    • All layers are frosted transparent acrylic plates

    Switch Plate:

    • Carbon fiber and FR4 plate optional

    PCB( same as Z60 PCB ):

    • Centered Daughter board with ESD protection
    • Solder version with all layouts compatible, including 'split-backspace', 'ISO enter', 'Stepped capslock', 'split-left shift' and 'split-right shift'
    • Hotswap 7U(optional)  with ANSI 60% with split-right-shift and 7U bottom row
    • Both Solder & Hotswap version PCB are South-facing per-key RGB


    • QMK driven, VIA support
    • With defualt firmware, Right-hand 'shift', 'fn', 'win' and 'ctrl' keys works as arrow keys when tapped, Mod keys when hold.
  • Default Package includes

    • Case, 7 frosted transparent acrylic plates, 3mm stainless-steel bottom upgrade(1kg) is optional
    • Plate, carbon fiber plate default, FR4 optional
    • PCB, solder PCB as default, hotswap PCB optional
    • Accessories:
      • USB type-C Cable x1
      • Screws x1 set
      • Gasket, Poron pads x12
      • Silicon Footpads
      • Case foam
      • Plate foam

    Notice: Switches and Keycaps are NOT Included in base kit